Emily’s Blog

I have started this blog to chronicle my experiences with Emily Grace, our little one with Down Syndrome. The last two years have given us experiences we did not ask for, but we would not exchange. We have learned much about love, life, and the grace of God.

Some view a diagnosis of Down Syndrome as a tragedy. But we have never seen tragedy in Emily’s life. She has triumphed in all of her challenges–no matter how many times she has been poked, prodded, or hooked up to monitors. And she never loses her smile that lights up any room and makes life worth living. For all of you who have a child with Down Syndrome, you will know what I mean.

I do not feel sorry that we have Emily Grace, even with all her challenges. More often I feel sorry that not everyone can be blessed with such a child. Many times I wonder how we were chosen as a family to be graced with her–probably because we needed her more than she needed us.


About Amy Insalaco

My husband and I have five beautiful, talented, vivacious children, including one with Down Syndrome, ranging from teens to toddlers. Between concerts, ball games, and swim meets, we also add therapy sessions, surgeries, and countless appointments with specialists.
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