Itsy Bitsy Spider

Emily uses her hands well

Emily knows how to sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider, well she knows all the actions and when to do them, and she makes noises while doing it. Her favorite part is when the rain washes out the spider.

I would definitely advocate teaching children with Down Syndrome how to sign. Emily can sign “more food, please,” “more books, please,” and she knows the signs for Dad, Mom, cheese, and yogurt. She really likes the nursery rhyme songs that have actions, too. I was worried that she would not communicate verbally if we taught her to sign, but the opposite has happened. We always speak the words while we do the sign, and she tries to say them too, as she makes her signs. She babbles non-stop.

I say it that she must have triple Italian chromosomes, especially the ones that control speaking. She is Italian that way. And she has to talk with her hands, even when she is not signing. If we want her to keep quiet, we just hold her hands. She usually stops babbling that way.


About Amy Insalaco

My husband and I have five beautiful, talented, vivacious children, including one with Down Syndrome, ranging from teens to toddlers. Between concerts, ball games, and swim meets, we also add therapy sessions, surgeries, and countless appointments with specialists.
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