Park Time

Emily has discovered the park. It is amazing to me how observant she is. We have a group of women in our church who get together every week for play group. I have usually attended with Emily and our next oldest, Jacob, when they meet outside (less exposure to sicknesses that way). Until recently, Emily has been content to sit with me and chat with the other women. Not so much now. She discovered that there were children her age who were swinging and sliding and climbing the rock wall. She now insists that she participate in all these activities. She will let me help her walk to the swing, and then back to the slide, and then she must climb the rock wall with everyone else. What is incredible in all this is that she will walk to all these activities. At home, she usually refuses to walk, even with help. But not at the park. 

What is also incredible is how the other children respond to Emily. I have so many helpers catch her at the bottom of the slide, or walk slowly with her up the stairs, or cheer her on as she is climbing. I was worried about how others would treat Emily, but I feel now that she will be OK. There may be a few cruel people out there, but for the most part, the children in our neighborhood all love Emily, and love to help her.


About Amy Insalaco

My husband and I have five beautiful, talented, vivacious children, including one with Down Syndrome, ranging from teens to toddlers. Between concerts, ball games, and swim meets, we also add therapy sessions, surgeries, and countless appointments with specialists.
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